When Tom cruise’s leg was broken.


You must have seen many Tom Cruise movies like mission impossible series, the mummy, oblivion etc. Most of the stunts in his action movies are done by Tom Cruise himself.

This is the reason that his films are very much liked in his country as well as abroad. Many such incidents happen during the shooting of films, which are sometimes told to people in the form of an inspirational story.

When Tom Cruise was shooting for his film Mission Impossible, he had to jump from the roof of a 10-storey building to the roof of another building to suit a scene. But while jumping, his foot falls on the other roof before and his knee breaks after hitting the railing of the other roof.

During an interview, Tom Cruise says that I was in a lot of pain at that time but I had to complete the shooting of that scene for which I completed that scene despite breaking my leg. Here you can watch the related video clip.

source- https://youtu.be/xpwRKox0Kp0

Most frequently asked questions about Tom Cruise.

1.Tom Cruise’s full name?

Tom Cruise full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother 4.

2. How old is Tom Cruise or Tom cruise age?

Tom Cruise is 60 years old.

3. Tom Cruise’s spouse?

Mimi rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.

4. How tall is Tom cruise or Tom Cruise Height.

According to Wikipedia the height of Tom Cruise is 172.1 cm or 5.77 ft.

5. Tom Cruise net worth.

According to many websites, Tom Cruise’s net worth is about $ 600 million.

6. Tom cruise teeth or How Tom Cruise Healed Dislocated Teeth.

Before coming to the movies, if you pay attention to Tom’s teeth, his teeth looked quite disorganized. But now she looks very good.

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